Perfectly Peculiar

K-6: Yucca Mesa, Morongo Valley and
Landers Elementary

Throughout the month, our education and literacy partner Spark Growth will use the companion Little Read book Perfectly Peculiar Plants by botanist Dr. Chris Thorogood, to engage K-6 Yucca Mesa, Morongo Valley and Landers Elementary students in a discussion about the weird and wonderful world of plants. Readings will be followed by hands-on enrichment activities matching the students’ grade levels virtually. 


Roots & Leaves

The Institute of Inquiry

Students from the Institute of Inquiry will examine their connection to their homes in the Mojave Desert and create a plant life web of their immediate landscape. A handout of common native plants (plus a few drought-tolerant favorites) will be included, along with prompts to get students outdoors and looking closely at the world around them. Students will be introduced to the guidelines for Scientific Illustrations, and materials to try their hand at illustrating what they find.


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