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MARCH 2  5PM to 8PM (FREE RSVP appreciated)

5-6pm Keynote

6:30-8pm Performance

Copper Mountain College, Bell Center Community Room

6162 Rotary Way, Joshua Tree 

Food Vendors Outside


How to be an Anti-Ableist: Reflections on Anti-Ableism, Disability, Accessibility, and Disability Justice

Using the concepts explored in the Rebekah Taussig’s Sitting Pretty: The View from My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body, Zankowicz will discuss models of disability, her own work re-framing accessibility as anti-ableism, and her journey to unlearn her internalized ableism and advocate for anti-ableist education and disability justice in museums. 

45 mins, with a Q and A to follow

Kate Zankowicz (she/her/hers) is a museum education scholar and practitioner who has created community-driven, inclusive programming in museums in Canada and the U.S. for the past 20 years. Her practice has centered around creating collaborative programming with—not for—communities. As a museum educator with a disability, Zankowicz’s museum education pedagogy, scholarship and philosophy are grounded in her lived experience. She holds a PhD in Education, with a focus on museum-based education from the University of Toronto (OISE) and currently serves as the Program Manager for ReDiscover Center in mid-city Los Angeles, a sustainable youth makerspace. Her most recent publication is “The Call for Disability Justice in Museum Education: Reframing Accessibility as Anti-Ableism” in the Journal of Museum Education (Ware, Zankowicz and Sims)

(Same as link below)


RSVP closed (event ended)

Image Description: close-up headshot of a white woman with an oval face and medium length brown hair, who flashes a big smile.

Spontaneous Combustion's Guinea Pig Fiesta


A multimedia piece from the minds of Erica Mosco and Jeff Pippin. Erica and Jeff have turned their experiences with mental challenges into a wild multimedia performance incorporating music, film and moving images. Inspired by both disability and joy, Erica and Jeff have channeled their everyday lives into themes exploring Guinea Pigs, Eyeballs, the human-robot pop star Renuvia. This is truly a crazy ride for the audience from Amazing Grace to the Vegetarian Wolf to the world cracked into pieces; bits of Ostrich Eggs float in the air.

Linda Carmella Sibio's practice focuses on society and exploring how it affects culture as a whole. Madress has been a dominant theme in her work, having been influenced by her own diagnosis as schizophrenic and her mother's incarceration in mental hospitals for 15 years during her childhood. Her philosophy reflects a combination of personal experience and intellectual pursuits and has been influenced by Marcel Duchamp's "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bacholors, Even," Foucault's "Madress and Civilization," Antonin Artaud's "Theater and It's Double," and Deleuze and Guattari's "Anti-Oedipus."

Sibio's work brings awareness to modern day ostracizing of the insane from a productive society. In ancient times the insane were looked to for insights and guidance, today they clean dishes and bus tables. We can learn a lot about our society and culture by how the mad are treated. As we dispose of human beings so then we go toward a disposable culture.

The fragmented thinking of the schizophrenic is actually a window into the placement of our culture. We are living in a deconstructed world no longer thinking linear thoughts. Our perceptions are continually interrupted by television, Internet, video surveillance, the media - we no longer have a single thought. We think in a multi-layered complex pattern. In order for our culture to go forward, the darkness of the dismembered body needs to come into the light. We need to fragment in order to become whole again.

Co-presented with Copper Mountain College

RSVP closed (event ended)

Image Description: A red flyer for an event titled Spontaneous Combustion's Guinea Pig Fiesta. A white woman with wavy hair pulled behind her neck with a white shirt grins and squints in laughter on the left. Many illustrated guinea pigs with pink highlight in the background and in the center. A white man looks down wearing a top hat and copper goggles and a wrinkled blue shirt. The people seem to be about to shake hands.

The Bell Center upper parking lot has four parking spots for disable/mobility impaired visitors. The parking lot is flat asphalt and entrance into the building is flat concrete. The ground is flat with no stairs and no inclines. Two wheelchair accessible gender neutral bathrooms are available

Art is for Everyone: Creating Anti-Ableist Art/Maker Spaces

MARCH 9 11AM (FREE - RSVP appreciated)

Online (Zoom)

A Conversation with Heidi Schwegler, Andy Slater, and Kate Zankowicz. Interested in learning more about creating spaces where disability culture and connection can flourish? Join us virtually in  Yucca Valley Material Lab and be part of a conversation about building inclusive arts spaces, and the YVML’s journey to create accessible, anti-ableist art programming, residencies and creative spaces!

40-45 mins, with a Q and A to follow

Co-presented with Yucca Valley Material Lab.

RSVP Closed (event ended)

Zoom ensures that its products are operable and perceivable for users with visual impairments. Products supported are common screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and Android Talkback. Additionally, visual interfaces are designed with adequate color contrast, size, and usage of color to ensure clarity for users with various vision needs.


Image Description: An insulated domed interior with four working tables with white surfaces. Tools and equipment are visible The roll down door in the backgrown is open revealing a desert landscape.


Music Performance:
Andy Slater

MARCH 9  5:30PM (RSVP required)

Yucca Valley Material Lab 

57275 Canterbury Street, Yucca Valley

Andy Slater's current work focuses on advocacy for accessible art and technology, Alt-Text for sound and image, the phonology of the blind body, spatial audio for extended reality, and sound design for film, dance, and digital scent design.

Yucca Valley Material Lab (YVML) is a catalyst for accessible and inclusive arts education, serving as a dynamic platform that fosters cultural awareness and embraces the power of artistic expression. Our mission is rooted in the belief that true creativity blossoms when individuals allow themselves the freedom to explore without constraints or preconceived notions.

Co-presented with Yucca Valley Material Lab.

Slater show is RSVP only as seats are limited. Click the button below to send an email to request a seat.

YVML parking area is firm ground and right next to the facility. The walkway up to the quonset is mostly flat, firm ground. There is a 2" step up onto a concrete pad to enter the building. The performance will be in a 1000 square foot quonset building with french doors and a 7' garage door. If the weather permits, the garage door might be open.


The seating is made up of stools and benches, there is a bathroom that is currently not ADA. 

RSVP closed (event ended)

Credit: Tressa Slater

Image Description: A white man with neglected sandy blond hair and a red and grey beard. He has blue eyes that are trying to make contact with you. He is partially smiling with his mouth closed. He has dimples. His mother says he looks like Beau Bridges.


The Insanity Principle

MARCH 10  4PM-8PM 

Compound Yucca Valley 

55379 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley

THE INSANITY PRINCIPLE is a contemporary arts workshop focusing on performance, writing, and visuals for arts professional in related fields. The classes will be 2 hours in length and delve into contemporary art-making techniques designed by artist Linda Carmella Sibio such as fragmentation, interrupters, using psychological opposites, and the psychological model as a method of acting. These methods are in a manuscript by Sibio called “Reflections in a Broken Mirror” which delves deeply into new innovative approaches to art- making. This workshop is intense and psychological. Warm-ups before coming are recommended but not required. 


Students can be emerging or established artists. Ms. Sibio will hand pick a few of her past students who have the potential to have an arts career.  She is known for her work in the Hi-Desert and Los Angeles (skid row) for her ground breaking work in nurturing the art of the mentally disabled.  


Writing techniques including the cut-up method, multiple story lines, pattern and rhythm as methods of structure, and visual art for performance art will be approached as a sculptural tool as well as thinking on a two dimensional surface. Costuming and the use of props will also be included. Sibio also has experience in working with scientists, philosophers in order to make art and can consult in this area. 


Participants should wear clothing that will allow them to do movement and unusual things. Dinner is 45 min. from 4:45PM- 5:30PM.  Individuals should also bring a good drawing paper, charkole, kneaded erasers, #2B pencil, and any objects they want to work with such as musical instruments, found objects, or costumes they want to try. Note: If you can’t afford supplies let me know! 

Minimum Class size: 10

Maximum class size: 14

Commitment: full four hours

For further info contact: 

Linda Sibio bezerkpro[at]

Co-presented with Compound Yucca Valley.

front entrance info:

Parking lot to entrance is slightly inclined, concrete with three concrete steps up to the front door.


side entrance info: 

Parking lot to entrance is mostly flat with some uneven surfaces, concrete. this is our ADA accessible entrance and near the one accessible parking space available.



Concrete floors with some slightly sloping surfaces. No ADA accessible bathroom yet. 

RSVP closed (event ended)
Linda Sibio_credit Seve Lester.jpg

Credit: Steve Lester

Image Description: A white woman wearing white and red facepaint with black makeup surrounding her eyes and on her nose and lips looks directly at us. Whe wears white fabric on her head, black fabrics on her body and white rags on her legs. She is holding a broken whip in her right hand and is in front of a black background.


Inherently Defective

MARCH 15 6PM-9PM (FREE - RSVP appreciated)

Joshua Tree Retreat Center, Friendship Hall

59700 29 Palms Highway, Joshua Tree

In Sitting Pretty, author Rebekah Taussing, compares her experience of sitting pretty to being …”too vulnerable to leave my house, too fed up to subject myself to the gamble of strangers interacting with me, too tired to fight to occupy a corner of space.” Join Thought Theatre in exploring the intersection of where we meet our vulnerability, fed—up-ness and tiredness in our current political and social and environmental climate. Where are we confronted with our differences? The evening consists of a short workshop, followed by a staged reading of the new play “Somewhere Near Damascus” by local playwright Kurt Schauppner, directed by Miri Hunter. A discussion of the play and its connection to “Sitting Pretty,” follows the reading.


6:00 pm workshop

7:00 pm play reading

8:30 pm discussion with actors talkback


Kevin Hayles, Ian Ferris, Eliza Faloona, Alex Valdivia, Ca’rrieBell Pierre, Miri Hunter


Co-presented with Joshua Tree Retreat Center


Image Description: Poster using red, yellow and blue text. Read speech bubbles say "too vulnerable to leave my house", "too fed up to subject myself to the gamble of interacting with strangers, and "too tired to fight to occupy a corner of space"


Memoir Writing Workshop with Renee Gurley and Greg Gilbert

MARCH 16 10AM (FREE RSVP appreciated)

Copper Mountain College, Quad 100 Room 119

6162 Rotary Way, Joshua Tree


During this two-hour workshop, attendees will consider memoir writing as a journey of self-discovery and others-discovery.


Renee Gurley, MA, MFA, is a writer and English teacher with over 20 years of experience with words. Her works have appeared in Coping Magazine, Lehigh Valley Woman's Journal, and Budget Press.


Greg Gilbert is a retired English professor presently serving as President of the Board of Trustees at Copper Mountain College. He has two books out, both on Amazon: Afflatus, a collection of poems, and a novel, Butchy's Rainbow, a CNF- creative nonfiction.

​CMC has a long ramp onto the quad that is hosting the event. The room capacity is 40, and there will be refreshments.

Co-presented with Copper Mountain College


Image description: White woman with curly hair  wears a cowboy hat and glasses, smiling in front of a blue lake.


Cholla Needles Open Reading

MARCH 16* 12PM (FREE - RSVP appreciated)

Copper Mountain College Quad 100 Room 119

6162 Rotary Way, Joshua Tree

*please note that this date was incorrectly printed on postcards. This is the correct date and time (following the memoir workshop)

Cholla Needles open reading celebrates the publication of each issue. Our goal is to allow everyone who shows up an opportunity to read, so please be cognizant of time restraints when selecting material to read. The open reading time is available to the entire community.


This month's publication includes contributions from: David Chorlton, Tobi Alfier, Bonnie Bostrom, Connie Johnson, Marlene M Tartaglione, Syreeta, Arvilla Fee, Kent Wilson, Duane Anderson, John Sierpinski, J. Malcolm Garcia, Jonathan Ferrini, Roger Z Owens.


Visit to submit your own work to their monthly literary magazine!

Co-presented with Copper Mountain College

00 Front Cover.jpg

Image Description:  White silhouette illustration of human torso with various rectangles and circles on bright red background.


Zine Making 101

MARCH 17 2PM (FREE - RSVP appreciated)

Milk Thistle

56332 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley

Intro level class guides participants through the basics of zines and zine-making, including various formats and basic analog/digital formatting techniques. Participants will make a zine in the workshop and leave with the skills to create their own zines in whatever subject they like. Suitable for anyone who would like to turn their art or writing into a shareable physical medium.

This workshop will take place in conjunction with Zine Zone, a zine reading library. Zine Zone is located inside Milk Thistle and is available during store hours for patrons to peruse zines at their leisure. 

c. m. d. fenton is a disabled cat enthusiast and garbage collector.

Co-presented with Milk Thistle

zine workshop.jpg

Image Description:  Pink striped text reading Zine Making 101 under a yellow, pink, green and orange striped arch. A flower garland cutout sits in between more text that reads Sunday March 17th at 2pm


Zine Zone

MARCH 1-30  (FREE)

Milk Thistle

56332 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley

Zine Zone is a free zine reading library. Patrons are invited to visit and peruse our diverse collection in the space. Zine Zone is located inside Milk Thistle and is available during store hours:

M, W, Th 12-4 

F, Sa, Su 11-6


For the NEA Big Read, Zine Zone is presenting a special feature section on the subject of disability and chronic illness. These zines will be featured during the  entire month of march.


Drop by, get comfy on the couch, and read some zines!


Zine Zone is a permanent installation at Milk Thistle curated by c. m. d. fenton.

Co-presented with Milk Thistle


Image Description: Many zines are displayed facing forward. Legible titles include "Stereotypes Make Disable Lives Harder" "Sick of It!" and "Alternatives to Policing Based on Disability" among others. There is a small shelf with more zines. Two frames each contain text with the Zine Zone logo.

Book Discussions:

Join fellow Big Readers at one of six book discussions throughout the Morongo Basin:

Times & Locations (no registration required unless noted):

MARCH 14 at 6PM CMC Greenleaf Library

MARCH 16 at 3PM Joshua Tree Library

MARCH 18 at 6PM Desert Book Club at

Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center 

MARCH 22 at 1PM CMC Online 

MARCH 23 at 3PM Yucca Valley Library

MARCH 30 at 3PM Twentynine Palms Library


Image Description: Sitting Pretty paperback book on the ground outside leaning against a rock next to grass. The sky is blue and the sun is bright.

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